Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Julie Ann's first Halloween Weekend

These days my schedule revolves around my number 1 priority, sweet Julie Ann. Its a nice change of pace from back to back client meetings, last minute "pull a trick out of your hat" request from the boss, long weeks of running as hard as I can go, and constantly feeling like sweet moments with my baby girl are pushed to the back burner.
Now that I'm at home I get 3 mornings a week, a few hours by myself to take care of business. I started this Halloween weekend with the glam job of mopping floors….then a quick visit to a new place that has "struck my interest" the last few times we have driven to the zoo (coliseum blvd. off atlanta hwy).

Friday visit to "Attic Treasures" across from Eastbrook Fleamarket
There wasn't much to look at unless you are willing to dig (didn't have time) but I did run run into this old man! I have been looking for one of these for years, to go in my kitchen.
I love an old wooden, painter's ladder! The gray patina of the wood is perfect!
Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market: Since my sweet husband works most Saturday's, little Jules and I find ourselves trucking around town scouting out the goods just the two of us…here we are on a hunt for pumpkins, boiled peanuts and a pastry of some sort.
Stopping to touch the mums :)

The annual Montgomery Greek Food Festival at the local Greek Orthodox Church and since Mtown doesn't have greek fare like Birmingham we didn't miss the
chance to take a taste!
(Disclaimer to why food is on my plate at home: Julie Ann had an "it's the end of the world moment" over the loud greek music so we ended up leaving John's parents hangin' with mid fork o' food and mommy ate her food "late night" in usual fashion)
*The food is Greek Lasagna, spicy green beans, & a cheesy Baklava thing*

Sunday we drove the beautiful drive to Dream Fields Farm in Union Springs, so much fun!!
JA remembered feeding the animals at the fair a few weeks before, so she signed "more" to the farm hand to give her the corn and stuck her little out. I am so amazed at her.

Monday was Halloween: Trick or Treating as a Lady Bug
Happy Halloween, Julie Ann! You didn't miss a piece of candy crazy lady (signing "more" for a Hersey's chocolate bar)!

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  1. The boys and I wen to Dream Fields farm last week and had a great time!!! Enjoy hearing about all of your fun outings:)